With our 5,000 square foot analytical laboratory, Oleo ensures the quality of incoming raw material and outgoing products. ISO certified test capabilities to support the full complement of ASTM testing for lubricants and specialty chemicals.

We can help your operation establish a quality control program by running analytical tests on routine samples, ensuring fluids perform to specified standards avoiding unplanned production losses to equipment failure.

Analytical work to troubleshoot points of failure or to determine the right product for your application.

Oleo excels at custom formulations and continues to engage in fluid technology improvements through close association with local college and universities.


Lab Capabilities

Kinematic Viscosity at 40C

Kinematic Viscosity at 100C (manual and automated)

Viscosity Index

Pour Point Testing

Cloud Point Testing

Cold Filter Plug Point Testing

FTIR Spectrometers

Particle Count Testing

Saponification Numbers

Non-Volatile Content

Copper Corrosion Testing

Foam Testing

Brookfield Viscosity Testing

Specific Gravity

pH Testing

Refractor Readings

Closed Cup Flash Point Testing

Water Separation

Acid Number

Biological Activity for Metalworking Fluids

Low sulfur X-Ray Fluorescence testing (< 15 ppm)

X -Ray Fluorescence testing for Lubricants

Cold Cranking Simulator

NOACK volatility testing

Color and Clarity

Nitrogen Testing